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German Engineering Car Sales offer a full range of services:


Interim Service starting from just:
FULL service starting from just:
Major Service starting from just:

A small investment in routine servicing, plus a good inspection programme, results in a good return on that investment because of:

  • Great peace of mind in reducing the risk of a breakdown
  • Less Possibility of major repairs in the cars coming years
  • Less expenditure on repairs in the future
  • Lower chance of accidents
  • Keeps the car in its maximum working order to maintain the value of your car
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What service do you need and what's included?

Compare Interim Full Major
Intervals 6 months or
6,000 miles
12 months or
12,000 miles
24 months or
24,000 miles
Number of checks 25 40 60
Parts included
Engine Oil Y Y Y
Oil Filter Y Y Y
Air Filter N Y Y
Fuel Filter (if fitted externally, if not replace pollen filter) N N Y
Top-ups included
Windscreen additive Y Y Y
Coolant Y Y Y
Brake Fluid Y Y Y
Power Steering Fluid Y Y Y
AdBlue (Diesel engines only - extra cost if needed) Y Y Y
Checks included
General Checks
External lights, instrument warning lights and horn operation Y Y Y
Internal / Vision
Door, bonnet and lock operation N N Y
Operation and condition of windscreen wipers and washers Y Y Y
Pollen filter condition and advise if replacement needed (extra cost) N Y Y
Air conditioning system operation N N Y
Windscreen for cracks and chips N Y Y
External and internal mirror condition N Y Y
Number plate condition N Y Y
Seat belt operation N Y Y
General oil leaks and advice Y Y Y
Antifreeze strength and advise if replacement needed (extra cost) Y Y Y
Radiator and coolant hoses condition and leaks (including header tank) N Y Y
Radiator cap N N Y
Electrical coolant fan (if applicable) N N Y
Auxiliary drive belts (NOT timing belt) condition and tension N Y Y
Fuel system and tank (if visible) N Y Y
Timing belt replacement intervals and advise Y Y Y
Change spark plugs dependant upon age and mileage (extra cost) N N Y
Brake fluid condition and advise if replacement needed (extra cost) N Y Y
Visual check of brake pads for wear Y Y Y
Visual check of brake disks for wear N Y Y
All visible brake pipes and hoses N Y Y
Hand brake operation N Y Y
Brake callipers for leaks and security N Y Y
Wheels and Tyres
Tyre condition and tyre depths Y Y Y
Tyre pressure and adjust Y Y Y
Road springs N Y Y
Steering and Suspension
Steering/ suspension components N Y Y
Steering rack gaiters condition Y Y Y
Shock absorber condition N Y Y
Wheel bearings N Y Y
Exhaust smoke (diesel) N Y Y
Exhaust condition and advise Y Y Y
Drive System
Check drive shaft gaiters for security and report leaks N Y Y
Clutch operation N N Y
Clutch fluid level (if applicable) Y Y Y
Transmission oil leaks Y Y Y

Note: Any fluids used to top up may be subject to a separate charge by the garage.


From Wear and Tear Repairs or something just isn't right with your car, we have you covered by our trained and experienced technicians that can help you get your car back on the road running smoothly. Giving a peace of mind to our customers, you can be assured that:

  • All Parts used are genuine parts
  • Our technicians will only replace parts that need replacing
  • A range of service solutions for all vehicles of all ages
  • Competitive Prices Guaranteed

Avoid further damages and costs to your car by booking in your car today.

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At German Engineering Car Sales we provide our customers with most new tyre makes to get your car back on the road safely and legally on a budget that suits you. From new budget tyres to premium tyres we are able to locate the right tyre for your car to make sure your driving legally and safely.

Damaged tyres may be illegal and can be dangerous. If you're not sure if your tyres are not safe or road legal, German Engineering Car Sales can check your tyres free of charge to ensure you're always driving safely.

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If a light has eliminated on your dashboard or you have been having an issue with you vehicles and would like to find out what the issue is, GEC Sales offers most type of diagnostics on your car to be able to diagnose what the issue is. With the help of our latest technology computer diagnostic tool, we can make sure your car is operating within the manufactures parameters and that the components in your car are operating correctly and safely.

If you would like to diagnose a fault or a light eliminated on your dashboard, don't hesitate to book in with us today.

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